Horse Trials & Tri-Equithon

Required Form for ALL Events

  • Please print form and complete for each horse being schooled and/or shown.
  • Temperatures must be taken twice a day for 3 days.
  • Observe Nasal Discharge in AM and PM. If green or yellow, your horse cannot travel to our farm. It must stay home.
  • Palpate lymph nodes under the jaw twice a day. If enlarged or swollen, your horse will need to stay home and cannot travel.
  • If your horse is showing other symptoms like lethargy, appetite changes, etc. , please make note and stay home.
  • Each horse will be required to have a completed health form upon arrival on Saturday and/or Sunday.
  • There will be a Health Check Station that every horse trailer will be stopped for and asked for the Health Forms to be turned in. Random temperature checks and observations will be performed.
  • If you do not have your forms with you when you arrive you will be asked to leave. You cannot stay on property if you do not have your forms completed accurately and honestly.

Any questions please call the Barn and Event Manager, Beth Gilbert, at 574-453-7187.

View of Portofino Equestrian Center from across the pond at sunset.

Horse Trials & Tri-Equithon


Oct 22 2023


All Day
  • Judge: Koby Robson
  • Open Date: September 18
  • Close Date: October 17