Luxury Horse Boarding in North Carolina

Unmatched boarding services in a truly luxurious environment. Both you and your horse can expect only the finest care, with your every need being met and attended to by our expert staff.

Why board with us?

We make you feel at home.

Our superb boarding facilities cater to the well-being of yourself and your horse, with our staff working relentlessly to provide the highest quality care to ensure the health and safety of your companion. 

Horse ownership is a full-time job, and we want to ensure you feel supported. Whether you need a full or partial board, our boarding stable is ideally suited to assist in the training and socialization of your horse with other horses.

We aim to provide the horse-loving residents of Portofino with a boarding option for keeping horses safe, healthy, and well-loved.

Aerial view of Portofino Equestrian Center barn and arenas.

What's Included with Stall Boarding?

7+ miles of trails

Partially lit for night rides.

2 bedroom apartment

For boarders and guests.

Trailer Parking


Dressage Arena

20x60 m with full-width mirrors.

Multipurpose Arena

20x60 m with viewing stands.

Jumping Arena

140x300' with viewing stands.

Covered Arena

130x300' for all weather conditions.

Sand Warm-up Area

115x250' adjacent to dressage ring.

Covered Round Pen

With fan.

Grooming Area

8 wash stalls

22 Stalls

12x14' with rubber mats.

Shelters & Run-Ins

Over 20 available.

Tack Rooms

Climate controlled with extra storage.

Conditioning Track

3/8 mile.

XC Schooling Course


With walk-in showers.

Amenities & Benefits

Hay & grain

Grain up to 8 lbs per day. Purina Mills brand.


1 blanket per day.

Fly & pest management

Operable windows

Lucas Equine Equipment brand.

Fire sprinkler system

Water & electricity

Throughout entire facility.

Washer & dryer

Bathrooms with showers

Automatic waterers & feeders

Nelson brand.

Wide center aisle

With rubber pavers.

Boarding Rates

Join our family of satisfied boarders at Ali 2 farms at Portofino Equestrian Center! The facility and the care of our team of dedicated staff will spoil you and your horse.

Stall Board: Non-Resident
Stall Board: Resident
$1750 $1500/month

For Portofino community homeowner's only.

$1750 $1500/month
Pasture Board
Special Offer

For Portofino community homeowner's only.

Special Offer

Our Staff

A devoted team of passionate equestrians in North Carolina.

Our staff is steadfast in their dedication to providing you with the highest standard of care that best suits your needs as a boarder.

Our team members have years of horse experience and are incredibly responsible for caring for your companions. They go through a specialized hiring & training process, ranging from daily operations, programs, and procedures to equine safety and wellness education. This ensures that they are prepared to rise to any challenge that may present itself.